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973 Project is also named as The National Basic Research Program of China and is the most important and significant project funded by Chinese government. This project begins in May, 2007 and will be finished in August, 2011.

Our 973 project is under the leadership of Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao with grant number.2007CB807900. The name of this project is "A Study of Some Key Problems in the Theory for Secure Computation". It includes the following two subprojects.
1) Research of secure problems in computational complexity theory and quantum computation
2) Research of secure computational problems in cryptology

Research Areas includes the following 4 parts:
1) Provide new analysis technologies and security model for international encryption algorithm and Hash Function
2) Develop some new mathematic technologies to solve some key Puzzles in computational complexity
3) Develop new computational complexity based provable security frameworks
4) Develop new quantum algorithm and quantum cryptography protocols to solve key puzzles in computation and communication